Tuesday , March 28 2023

Coronavirus: Interruption of 3,000 deaths – Incubated at 600


At the same time, concerns about numbers remain Incubated, It is still growing.

In particular, EODY announced today 904 News A new virus has spread in the country, five of which were detected following a search of the country’s gateways.

Total number of cases 115.47152.8% of them are men.

4,986 (4.3%) The journey 30,594 (26.5%) are already connected from abroad Is known Case.

Total 600 Our fellow citizens are in treatment Incubated. Their average age is 65 years. 169 (28.2%) were women and the rest were men.

75.3% of patients have an underlying disease or are 70 years of age or older.

At the same time, 651 Patients were discharged from the ICU.

Finally, we have 101 Deaths are still being recorded 3.003 Total deaths in the country.

1,197 (39.9%) Women Other men. The average age of our deceased colleagues was 79 years and 96.2% had an underlying disease and / or 70 years and above.

Apologies for new cases

The Sorry The number of new cases is as follows:

Of the 5 cases in the inspection conducted at the entrance gates of the country

In the region 164 cases Attica

203 cases in P.P.E. Thessaloniki

P. 17 cases PE etolocarnia

PPE Argolida

Of PPE Arcadia

P. P.E. Meaning

8 cases in P.P.E. Aunt

13 cases in P.P.E. Ας

PPE Grevena

27 cases in P.P.E. Drama

19 cases in P.P.E. Evros

PPE Evritania

PPE Ilia

13 cases in P.P.E. ഇമാതിയ

PPE Heraclion

PPE ion

18 cases in P.P.E. Kavala

P. 32 cases PE Carditsa

PPE Kastoria

P. P.E. Corfu

23 cases in P.P.E. Kilkis

PPE Kosani

PPE Corinth

P. 63 cases PE Of Larissa

PPE Lesvos

18 cases in P.P.E. Magnesia

Of PPE Messinia

P. P.E. Naxos

PPE Santi

PPE Pella

49 cases in P.P.E. Pierre

P. P.E. Admission

PPE Retinno

PPE Rhodopy

PPE Roadways

PPE Ceres

PPE Triad

PPE Fathiotida

P. 16 cases PE Florina

13 cases in P.P.E. Of Halkidiki

PPE Chania

PPE Chios

Cases 3 cases are under investigation.

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