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Confession of Ecottoos: "My life may be beautiful and wonderful, but …"


With Ethina Eccono, in a few months, she decided to dedicate herself to the baby who had enjoyed these important moments after her son's birth.

"Philip took her arms around my arms and my mother did not forget me at the hospital, which was the most moving moment in my life," he said. She says: "I've been living for a while and I do not think there is anything better than breastfeeding, but women do not have enough milk-because the breast is based on breastfeeding is" bad and bad. "Many women are guilty of feeling guilty, they are frustrated, they are locked up in this difficult time of the lamb It's a shame, because everything is good for mother, because it's good for the baby. "

Do she have difficulties? Did it hit the post stroke depression?

"My personal life is more intense than the difficulties that I faced in many areas, so my mother was very intense and so my mother had to equate my child with the same baby, my life could be amazing and amazing, but a new man I have lived and lived the same fear and the same concerns. It is similar to having prayasannale. However, this idea inrarvyukalilea add it to social media, because it is something that does not match my attitude is necessary. Vyatyasannalilla difficult times and passed from the mother to the average from the Greek, is required to support the care and love from their own people. Simply, Psychiatry Not until the depression years of contamination prescribed for me and helped me. I still would have thought, "she said Sunday People masikayeat home.

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