Friday , March 24 2023

Candidate of the regional governor of Stiera Estero of Phoenix Sponsor


Statue Hela's statue in the Smale Eelam region has been announced by Steve Elada for an open event at the Laboratory Hall of Fitotyta in Lamia, November 19, in the presence of Governor Steven Hollas.

Former governors, parliamentarians, local government representatives, regional authority, regional governor of Stieree Elada and Athens candidate Costas Bakaniosus.

In the continuation of a combination of Costas Baccioney's concluding "Change to the Heart's Heart's Heart", which ended five years ago, "we have been critical of the heart of Greece." "Do not miss an hour's job with Phane's Sponsor Steer Hales, continue the successful course that started four years ago."

The 34-year-old leader explained the autonomy of the gathering that the present event will focus on the daily life of the citizen and their living conditions will be combined with less costly and strategic design. Steps and Strict Timetables Phoenix Spanos said that it is backed and supported as part of the initiative of Central Greece without taking into account their party and theoretical identity.

"We unveiled an event of 580 million euros"

Regional governor Phaneis Sponso's mention of major projects completed within four years:

"Our Infrastructure Development has begun, with a target of € 580 million from national and European funds, over 800 million development projects, for example, in my mind.

The FIG. Not just the country, but also the South East Europe, a unified spatial investment that responds to the heat and environmental issues.

The natural gas that simplifies the first serious economic burden in our city homes.

The multipath new Halcy Hospital is complete.

Node of seroterase. The bold interactions of the longitudinal axis of Evia.

Lamia – Karpensi, Street – Amphis, and parts of Kopidah ".

"Upgrade Faithful Relationship"

The Phoenix Sponsor said of the relationship of faith with citizens:

"When we live, no one owes any kind of faith and no faith, and in times of stubbornness you depend on us, to return it to a job that will help us to do what we do today, renewing this relationship, and signing a trust contract again".

The deputy governor of the European Union has stepped forward in two stages. He said that in the last four years, he has been working to improve the performance of the sector, strengthen the economy and eliminate inequality. "We have developed a special program for entrepreneurship to attract foreign and domestic residents, designing and implementing activities against any kind of exclusion, social, geographical and financial performance. But every citizen is paying attention to these benefits. "

Fancy's Sponsus made it clear that he was not the promising of big promises in previous elections and respect. He said about the projects and the results of the government's stand. It stressed that the area has taken many important steps: "Our province will continue to be strong, strengthening, strengthening and making us more happy that we are its citizens." If we keep doing what we have done, it's not enough to work harder for us, and the experience we've collected for more and more, and start with the same excitement we've got at first. "

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