Monday , February 6 2023

6 billion dollars, AAD target in 2018


George Kuyou
[email protected]

About six billion euros have been exchanged for the Independent Public Revenue Authority's expiry of the maturity of the year due to expiry of the debt, arrangements and invasions.

The PPA is now approaching the PPA with affiliate objectives with institutions that are linked to this year's debt obligations, with around 4 billion euros collected by the end of September, the basic project inter alia:

(a) The debt authorities pay the debt to internal audit holders, such as debt securities about three billion dollars, such as audit centers and institutions, in late 2017.

(b) Around 24% of the "new" debt liabilities lent to tax authorities, ie one-fourth of the liabilities in the audit centers, will be set up by the internal audit establishment, the current year. Considering that the "new" debt repayment debt is "12 crores" for tax authorities every year, 24% of the debt is set to $ 2 88 billion

However, the Aad means to record this goal and to eliminate thousands of public debt to achieve the aim of all the strictest measures.

However, this year's governor G. G. Pittyslus noted that he noticed. Taking into account the decline in the number of liabilities, the debt and debt liabilities are different and that 2017 will be enforced by 1.6 million laws. 312,000 electronic handsets will be seized.

At the end of 2017, the Bank Account Registration System will be checked and the notable reduction in 2018. Specifically, after the bank accounts have been recorded, the project has a bank account to implement the Recovery Steps for Specialist services taxpayer.

By the end of September 2018, old and new debt is estimated to be around 4 billion euros:

* 7.3% of the old debt, up to 18% of the new duration up to € 3000.

* For debt of 50,000 euros, their contribution is 50% of old debt and new debt is 55%.

Debt lenders up to € 3,000 are in debt. 993 old debt and 1,322,000 new debts.

However, if there is a problem in achieving the above objective, the AAD's general plan already stands out:

* Increase in deposits, wages, pension, rent, other yields and public debt purchases.

* Acquisition of online auctions for public debt in the initial prices that are determined by the private value vendors in the real estate price level.

In any case, AAD's heavier weapon will be more automated for the repayment of credit including the fully automated acquisition process.

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