Thursday , February 9 2023

The CDU Party president wants to defeat the Crap-Karbonbour experience


Anagram sets the Krang-Kranbauer counter-up to the party: The CDA has a real choice. These men are named Mers and Span from their inner margins, especially from Angela Merkel. Crampper-Cornbauer began his application by referring to personal memos and encounters with Chancellor Angela Merkel. At the same time, the secretary general speaks. Merkel himself has never said anything about a period of time before a long party president than a party president.

"With the decision of the party leaders, this period will be over, and such a period can not continue indefinitely and will not fail".

Continuity and new start offer the crypt-Karan bowler

Continuity and new start offer the crypt-Karan bowler. The Party's arrival and new opportunities are created during the time of Mercy – just like content and style. Many speak about the need for people for security and harmony. However, Kramp-Karan bowler recommends the prime minister in office in February to serve the government.

In the last eight months, I have been very careful. "

In her synonymous "lipping tour" program, she is reminiscent of Kramp-Karinbouver, considered by Spring from all sections of the CDU.

I realized the pride of the party members and the disappointment of the party members and felt me ​​uncertainty. After all, I realize that the party does not have a desire. Multiple categories or thinking. "

Kampump-Cornbuller wants to build a bridge

The CDU produces a revolutionary union that produces bridges – many members expect. Previously seen as a representative of the conservative faction of Spain, MERS is the principle character of the renewal of economic liberalization in the CDU. Radical taxation simplifies the notion of Union Angogram Krump-Karen Bauer not only for the part but for the whole party and the society, but above, as a taxpayer or economist, to calculate the income tax calculation in a beer tray.

"Friedrich Merz has a lot to offer." If we can develop a related app application from CDU to beer map, after new challenges, Friedrich Merz is there, and that's a big offer for CDU. "

The AKK shows their election experiences

Krung-Cornbauer will do so. It might also be an unlikely part of today's performances in the state of Sandland. Perhaps the most powerful trunk card she plays in the AKK. Despite that, she's calling her as CDU. Not only is he present in the present CDU, but also the head of a state government.

"Points have special experiences: how will the majority succeed, how to capture them and how to protect them."

Krampton Carrageber recalls that in March 2017, she had won the state of Sardaland before several predictions. At the same time, the Socialist Democratic Party, along with Martin Schulz, was brought forward.

She does not have to add that her opponents Mers and Span have not won more than one Bundestag. In the few weeks, the CLOU is remembered that Chrome-Carr Beumer said it does not trust trust, probation and radical changes.

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