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Separate immune cells are formed by soya chrysanthemum


Some immune cells play a crucial role in psoriasis

Solarisis is a relatively common complaint against the naturalness of the symptoms and the complexity, complexity and risk of other diseases. However, the cause of the solaris is still unclear. The Hanover Medical School (MHH) research team has now recognized that certain components of the immune system are the primary cause of Immunular Immunology.

In Germany, 2 million people suffer from psoriasis. However, their research has never undergone any research. Professor Neighborhoods However, "Gamma Delta T cells" play a crucial role in the immuno-prins immune system from the Immunological Department at MHH. Their findings were published in the Journal of the Experimental Medicine.

In the development of psoriasis, some immune cells – the so-called "gamma delta t cells" – play an important role. (Image: maksim28142 /

The hard start

The immune system Syroasi is a non-hemorrhagic disease that attacks body's own tissues. Resistance to stimulation of the body produces new cells in the body. Pain in the affected area has pain, exhaustion and itching. In addition, psoriasis occurs with serious illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart attack.

The former therapeutic methods were partially successful

The availability of trachea available before the erosion is not offered in everybody. Because the patient's rapid anxieties were not very poorly understood. Princes has long been suspected to have played a crucial role in the professor's surrounding Gamma Delta T cells to play a crucial role in the odorosis and the associated intellectual problems. In their latest study, researchers reviewed this conclusion using a mouse model

The alteration of the oorassis

"Using this model, especially with the help of a genetic strategy, especially before the start of solaris, we have a special stopping of the GAMA delta cell cells," Professor Prince explains. If the cells are switched off, the development of the siarasis, according to professor prince. Thus, gamma delta T cells are the villains of Soria's, "emphasize the expert.

Expectations of new treatment approaches

In the newly expanded Esto model, the performance of the gamma delta cell cells will now be clarified. These switched blood cells are found in almost all tissues in the body, and they will participate in the defense against infection and tumor diseases. However, their contribution is not entirely clear. "The mouse models that have already been created using our new mouse model will help us to clarify these questions," said First Dr. Inca Sandrock. "The new, targeted treatment options can be formed," said the expert. (Fingerprint)

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