Monday , May 29 2023

Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinata are parents: “The Most Beautiful Gift”


In the summer they celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary. Half a year later, Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinata abandon the baby bomb: the model and dancer are expecting their first child.

“Let’s Dance” shines: In 2012, Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinata met on RTL’s dance floor. She was a candidate at the time, and he was her professional dancer. They fell in love, came in second, and eventually became a couple.

In the summer of 2015 the model and twelve-year-old dancer closed their love affair by saying yes in Italy. Now, three years later, the couple are waiting for the next stage of their relationship: Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinata become first parents. The model revealed this to her 800,000 fans on Instagram.

“Thank you for the love of my life”

“Must be Mommy and Daddy,” the 28-year-old wrote about a photo of her and her husband’s couple. In the autumn film, Rebecca and Massimo hold on tight to each other. He hugs her face to her cheek and she glances at both ears. She and his hands are on the baby bump, she can no longer hide.

“Thank you for the love of my life for the most beautiful gift on earth,” she commented in the snapshot. After that, she put the hashtag #pregnant (in German: pregnant). Massimo Sinata also shared the picture with fans on Instagram.

“I knew it!”

Within a few hours, the film was “liked” almost 200,000 times. More than 6,000 fans commented on the snapshot, including Ann-Kathryn Gotze, Veronica Ferres, Sabrina Mokenhopt and Bonnie Strange.

“I knew it! I’m so happy for you,” wrote presenter Jana Ina Sarella. “I’m sure you’re the greatest parent,” commented Isabel Edwardson, a “Let’s Dance” colleague, who is currently expecting a baby.

Both Rebecca Mir and Massimo Sinata have not revealed whether they can expect a boy or a girl. The couple kept to themselves what month the model was.

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