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Parkinson's: Destroying protein bladded


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Parkinson's: Destroying protein bladded

Studied human brains – tested molecules in the rats test successfully USP13

Sweating Hands: A New Treatment Approach (Picture:, R. B.)

Sweating Hands: A New Treatment Approach (Picture:, R. B.)

Researchers at the Georgetown University Medical Center (GMC) can reduce and reduce the Parkinson's Special Clubs as protein alpha synchliness in the brain. Studies with mice and human brains show that Livia is known to the bodies of the body is that all the markers in the alpha syllaxine have been removed by the USP13 to destroy these proteins.

Ubiquitin as a key

The results published by "Human Molecular Genetics" blocked USP 13 on Parkinson's rat models, preventing the body from not only removing the body but also preventing reconstruction. The USP 13 removal label is called ubiquitin. Protein marks the alpha syndicline degradation.

According to researcher Xiaoguang Liu, a new study has suggested that the USP 13 for Parkinson's and its related symptoms is a new symptom. There are three types of motor disorders associated with the collection of Alpha Sinilklin: Parkinson's, Demencia Livi Bodies, and Astroph of the Multi System.

Disable USP 13

At the beginning of the study, the human brains team investigated. Eleven brains from the Parkinson's patients and nine healthy people's control group are included. He was treated four to 12 hours after his death. In the middle of Parkinson's patients, the quantity of US 13 was significantly increased.

In the next phase, the mock models of Parkinson's, the UNICEF 13 gene disabling showed that alpha cecilians can be used to improve stimulation and degrade its way. In addition, the alpha simillicin-indented neuronal protects the mice until the death of 13 deactive adult creator Charbel Moussa. The animals improved motor skills. Parkin protein levels increased and alpha sinlyclin was inadequate. In addition, the effect of protein kenus inhibitor nlotiniin improved. Some drugs have been approved in the US to treat blood pressure.


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