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Go to the Iron Empire and control the football teams


Berlin (dpa / tmn) – a journey to fancy? Moods of folk tales are frightening and frightening the characters. Dragons play a great role in the game of thrones. Each time you play musical instruments: Game of Thrones, you can be King of Vestibulum.

"Monster Hunter Stories"

An app for 22 euros This is not normal. But Capon's "Montana Hunter Stories" is actually a role-playing game of the Nintendo 3DS. IOS and Android succeeded in porting, "Münster Hunter Stereo" was convinced with a large volume of good playstation. In a game, a strong monster destroys some friends' home. The friends scatter in the wind and seek their luck in the majority of the wild boar.

Like other games in the series "Monster Hunter", the big world of thousands of fans is highlighted. Players fight in countless wars, kill hundreds of terrorists, capture them and make them friends. The only number of different creatures gives hours to entertain. The game is very expensive with an iOS or Android application of 21.99 euros, but it is also free from more app purchases.

"Regions: Game of Thrones"

Like "royal stories," both grow together and grow together. The festival is traditionally "ruled" for the finesse and wars between different royal families. The rule is not easy here too. One player threw players out of the Games of the Games. Continuously, the other characters come and ask questions and questions. The game has two possibilities that influence the progress. Perhaps it will bring new characters into play, and maybe a trip will happen – or perhaps the players will gradually burst into their own graveyard.

It is always depicted by four fractions. If one of these signs is completely full, the category is very strong and the throne itself is taken. If the symbol is empty, the category is dissatisfied. So you need to pay attention to the right balance in order to continue the long term crown. Each round is different and the game attempts a few to reveal each character. 4.19 euros, iOS and Android players can test themselves as Veseros' ruler.

"Sega Pocket Club Manager"

"Sega Pocket Club Manager" is a comic-style football manager from Sega. Here, a player controls a fantasy club and turns an average team into a star. The lack of FIFA's license is a great lack of game. The real stars and clubs are futile. This blemish "Sega Pocket Club Manager" again is going through a way: amazing games. It's a highlight here, excluding other football managers. Many of the batsmen who are at their highest level have been bumped up by various animal wizards. Especially when special skills are active. This is true, but that's fine. Play a free game free of charge for the football fan. It will be released for iOS and Android.

"Badland Bral"

Frogmind Games's "Badland Brawl" is an interesting mix of different generations. Tower defense, card game, and Angry Birds merge into an entertainment experience that seems unlikely to be unique in iOS and Android. Two towers face each other. The goal is to reduce each other. To do this, the cards take cards that allow them to attack. In most cases, these are small creatures and geographers targeted towards the towers, all attacks on their way.

The developers in "Angry Birds" bought this trick. Fighting units are marshalling, but fighting with one's girlfriend. This allows an additional strategic element. The flat units directly face the enemy directly. Other attackers can pull directly against opponents in the competitive tower. Game is available for free.


The people who took up the challenge saw a depressing meal with the "Dark Saks" series. The "Dark Souls" in the Dortoll games in "Garmarkar" presents the glamorous fantasy game in the IOS. To do this, they rely on a 2D platform in the "Castlebrain" style.

The "garmarkar" is very heavy but can be controlled by a touch screen. If the players did not do so in front of them, many giants await their Creator. Many deaths must die when the game progresses, but there is a desire to stay in place of despair. Colleagues in the "Dark Saks" series will recognize many factors here and expect a challenge during the journey. 7.99 Euros at the cost of Applore "Grimmar".

"Lighten: Mr. Village"

This is the biggest detective in the history of the video game: Professor Lynn used his adventures with Nintendo DS. In his first case now Android and iOS are getting a HD remake. "Lighten: Mr. Village" Professor and his assistant, Luke St Mystery, comes to the village through level 5. One late baron left a traditional tradition. The situation for this: Find any hidden gold apple in the village.

The luminous signs pass through the investigation, and the inhabitants of the area quickly recognize that the favorite of the large leopards. At first the lighter first sheds out the information when they resolve their tasks. These are logical tasks, puzzles, puzzles, and puzzles. There are an interesting story between over 100 tasks, and it is loose with animated animation scenes. Anyone who does not want to know the light must give a chance. An app of 10.99 euro seems too much, but definitely worth it.

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