Tuesday , March 28 2023

Cars Damaged, Dangerous Equipment Thrown: 20 Rebels March Through Florakis in Berlin-Pankov – Police & Justice – Berlin


On Saturday evening, a group of about 20 rebels wreaked havoc on Pancake Florakis. According to police, people were walking through the streets around 11pm.

In a local video available to Togespigel, you can hear the group chanting slogans. Smoke rises from a front yard, apparently from a throwing device there.

Police say the rebels tiyittatayi firecrackers and smoke pots. They blocked by street objects and displayed posters with political slogans. The offices received various urgent calls from employees.

According to police reports, 18 vehicles were damaged. The rioters smashed windows and smashed car windows. A photo uploaded to Twitter, a short message service, shows one of the rioters with a left anarchy symbol on his jacket.

Police said four members of the group were arrested in Muhlenstras. There are two women aged 18 and two young men between the ages of 18 and 20. The group was then disbanded.

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Police have not yet been able to provide more accurate information about the background. Police and state security, which is responsible for politically motivated crimes, have launched a further investigation. Strangers set fire to a car at night in Liebigstras, Friedrichshaine, a stronghold of left-wing extremism.

The uprising was probably linked to a large leftist demonstration in Hamburg. Nearly 2,000 protesters wanted to show solidarity with the accused in the trial for the G20 riots. Intervention classified as extremist had prompted protests by several groups across Germany, including the Left.

Five young men have been arraigned in Hamburg District Court since Thursday in the “R റോntenberg trial”. You must answer for serious collective violations of peace, attacks on law enforcers, and dangerous bodily harm.

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