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By 2030, nearly 11 million children are in risk of pneumonia


Pediatric in Cote d'Ivoire

One study says that around 11 million young people are suffering from pneumonia by the end of the next decade. By the current trend, more than 10.8 million children below the age of five by 2030 will be able to die by 2030, and the World Anti-Pneumonia Association on Monday released the Jones Hopkins University in Bondum, Save the Childs.

In industrialized countries, most elderly people develop pneumonia, and in developing countries they are more children. About 880,000 children, mostly in the age group of 2 years, died in 2016, the study said.

According to the preliminary estimates, some countries in Africa and South Asia are among the worst affected countries. For instance, Nigeria and India accounted for 1.7 million deaths from children of Newman, 700,000 Pakistanis, 635,000 Democratic Republic of the Congo.

At the same time, the study's authors point out that there are many deaths that can be prevented by relatively simple steps. For example, better vaccination coverage, low antibiotics, good nutrition for children can save 4.1 million lives.

Kevin Watkins, the head of the kids, said, "It's unbelievable that" there are more than one lakh children every year from a disease. " Like other dangerous diseases in pneumonia, there is "no pink loops, global peaks or marijuana."

"But the fiery murderer should be the critical concern of our age for anyone who is justified for the sake of justice and access to basic health care," Vatkins said. In addition, existing vaccine against pneumonia has to be dramatically reduced.

Viruses or bacteria can stop pneumonia. If already treated, the patient's immune system will not weaken. However, in many cases, children are affected by the disease, which has already been weakened by malnutrition.

Patients die every year more globally than pneumonia, diarrhea and measles. By 2030, the United Nations' s sustainable development goals and "unacceptable deaths in children"

Published: 13.11.2018 – Source: Agence-France-Press

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