Thursday , May 19 2022

Breaking Bad: "Breaking Bird": A series of celebrations should be continued


Does Walter White's "breaking bad" journey happen in a movie? The allegation, series creator Vince Gilligan, works directly with it.

Congratulations to the AMC series get fans in the series "Breaking break"
After the end of the series in 2013, Walter White (Brian Cronston 62), Jesse Pinkman (39) and Aaron Paul (1) are some of them. Planning a two-hour film offshoot in the name of the ALBUQUE JOURNAL. Serial creator Vince Gillengan (51) needs to deal with it personally.

Much of the series was screened in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, New Mexico. They need to know that the film 'Breaking Bad' will be soon.

More "Better Call Shaw" from the "Breaking Bad" Universe

You know a little more

The alleged project is not yet known. So you know, it's a movie or tv. The film does not have to mention a date of release. Brian Krauston and Aaron Paule are also still in the stars. Who knows about the end of the series, it's really impossible to get back some characters …

In a short explanation, whether Paul again defines his stand on Jesse. According to the "AlBookQuee Journal", the picture focuses on "a kidnapped man and his struggle for freedom". Exactly in this predicament, Jesse Pinkman is already in the line of the last "breaking bad" relay …

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