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Bayernen: Is the team running the bus? Roberto TV is said to have tricked the anchor


The event in the team bus? Roberto TV is said to have tricked the anchor

10:05 PM: After Bayern defeated Dortmund by an incident for Frank Ribery? According to the "build" newspaper, Bayern Star wants to give a slap to the French TV expert Patrick Guil. The incident took place on the basis of the bus report of the bavaria.

Hassan Salamidick confirmed that there was a "dispute" between Ribar and the moderator. "Build" said: "Frank Ribeberry has told us that his papers Patrick Gwillo have known for years that there is a well known dispute." Guilillo is also said to have organized a meeting with Roberi to decide on the club. According to Salamidiic, Guilob agreed to speak with the Ribery.

Next summer Hoeneß announces change

November 11, 12:49 PM: "Scan" announces a squad renewal this summer's "Vandoorara Football Talk" in Haynes: "If next year's unexpected second stage comes, we will definitely change the face of the team." Barneser was in the transfer market this season. Only new player Leon Garretta.

In the summer the name Anthony Martial (22) was in the museum. But French ganja remained in Manchester United. Bayern's Christian Pulseck (19), Paolo Dbbala (24) of Juveniles and Antonine Gasseman (27) of Atlántez Madrid participated in the foreign newspapers of Bayern Barcelona. The previous record transfer is the Korandin TelasiZo. In the summer of 2017, the road to Suburban will be 42 million euros. The Bavarian bosses will have to take more than once in the summer to revive the attack.

On the other hand, Hoeneß avoids new promises in winter: "No, we do not do anything for the transfer market," says the Bavarian President. In the summer, the Canadian player, Alfonso Davis, was transferred on January 18.

Hoeneße reminds me of Bayern's long-term injuries: "We will come back to Christmas and Thayago can play again within two or three weeks." Toledo, world champion, had a comeback in February. Comedians (22) and Tolzoso (24) are youngsters. Recently, German record champions Arjen Roben (35) and Frank Ribery (35)

Coventry announces use of Bayern defender in Dortmund hammer

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