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"Annie Will": Merkel said that the law violated in 2015


GAre Friedrich Mers High Middle Class? How does he feel about refugee policies and strained train stations in the east of the Republic? Will a German citizen make a tax return on reaching a beer bar or would it be the first difficulties in tax evaders? There were many questions led by Anel Wil, Annelena Barbec (Alliance 90 / Greens) and Manual Schashing (CPI). "Taguspigel" editor Stefan-Andrassaz Cassordorf has been allowed one or two times.

"The poor and rich, east and west, city and country – Germany is split" should be the true theme of the talk show on Sunday evening. It invaded guests. In Saxony, the split is particularly evident, according to Mélenberg-Western Pomerania, prime minister Chevèsig. The report states that the landowners were suspended in the eastern part of the Green Federal President, Annelena Barbecue. Shapes, a few midwives, poor communication networks, low wages, etc. have been suspended.

For example, Friedrich Merz shows how people will show Hitler salute again in the Chamnets, but it should not be a floppy picture, still in the eastern region still has a lot of rich areas. "We're all downplaying how long a sync process will take long," says a 63-year-old. This manual introduces Schwesig: Ossi is compulsory in consolidation and Western society. That's about this topic, which makes it possible for many of the East German countries to look like second-class citizens. "Integration is not a one way for me," she replied. Therefore, he can not fully respond to the idea that the division of the East-West can not be maintained.

Mers saying it's not going to be right

After more than an hour and a half, the little talk could have been ignored, time needed to heat, and found three women rounds. Where's Mrs. Want to go to the CDU? He says, not the right, but the acceptance of the party state. After all, the CDO was suspicious of the fact that after breaking the boundary line in 2015, It can be explained clearly that there is no violation of the law, but Dublin applied the right to a third entry. But Barak was in the limelight for the legitimacy of the 2015 decision.


In short: CDU presidential candidate Friedrich Mrs appoints young MPs who do not know personally

Anil still is not satisfied with answering the direction of the direction. What is the CDU brand's core, and wants to revive him? Words like "Valuation", "healthy patriotism" and "recovery AFD voters" drops. Right? No, Merz can not equal it. He wants the CDU to be more conservative. At the same time, the rest of the country's voters meet Greeks. How to work simultaneously, Merz can not really reply.

After having expected more unpredictable statements about political intellectuals, the Craes Examination was of personal interest to the exam, and the CDU chairman positioned the position. "I already have a feelings for a normal citizen's life," Merseyin says: "I know what everlasting parents are like children." He always blamed the compression businessman. "I'm absolutely clean," he answers to the question of how he is involved in the corporations in this tax fraud.

"I'm not jealous for your personal flight"

Marlus Schwyzig tried to break himself by merchandise. "He argues that the upper middle class is part of ARD's studio, and a few days before, the public was convinced that Merz earned 1 lakh euros a year, but he will not be counted among the elite.


Apply for CDU President: Friedrich Mers (L), Annagrat Crep-Carbonbower, Jens Spanien

In the first years, Schwarz says of the tears of Mersch's patience, and he has recently earned money. The sound is not suitable for him, and the guest's awakening is possible, and eventually slows down the broadcasts. This is normal – when one succeeds – merit will not be given to him. But he did not want to make an enviable debate.

Prime Minister does not have anything: "I'm not jealous for your personal flight, I hate to fly," she says. The fact that he will act with dishonesty in the middle class, especially the low-income workers, is the question of encouraging a social alliance to produce a party leader Mersh.

The original subject of the program is too short

Merz will clarify the preconditions for fulfilling the political projects in his philosophy: the best of all is the most affordable. German immigrants have been partially overweight by the middle class and social security contributions. If a reduction in salaries goes, a free fitting plate will not help.


The news is insufficient in political portraits, Robin Alexander knows

Manual Chevygig will have to hear repeated complaints about financial market policy, social system and current family policy. Every lawyer is quite objectively, politically and legitimately the lawyer from time to time: the SPD only served in this department. In addition, he is for the chairman's office. You can move a lot, but not everything.

Anyone who turned his back on a controversial dispute over the partition of the country was very disappointed. It was mainly observed by the passion of guests from the person named Friedrich Mers. His rivals Anna Krut-Kornbauer and Jens Span will have to utilize their position in CDU local conferences. Friedrich Merschel will have to sit on one of the top shows and then apply for the broadcast.

Check the first candidate CDU base

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Everyone got 10 minutes to get drumming out of about 800 party members. The CADO followers in Kremlin-Karenbauer are in the top of a survey of Infrastast. A survey by Eminem for Welder Frederick Merz.

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