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આઇફોન 2020: News showed that the new 5G chip is introduced a year ago


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The new Intel LTE chip is named XMM 8160. That producer presented it Multimode modem is now public. Production is expected in the second half of 2019. Intel is expected to produce products manufactured from 2020 to 8160.

Allows 4G and 5G connections simultaneously
The chip supports 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. It also provides 6 Gbit / s speeds per second. It also includes some advanced features such as connections to LTE and 5 GHz simultaneously. Therefore, since mobile operators do not change all the mammals in the initial phase of 5G, it ensures the backward compatibility of internal modems. Intel also praises the new millimeter spectrum and numerous bands (600 MHz to 6 GHz, FDD, TDD) in the Sub-6 GHC series. To support full bandwidth, device manufacturers need to pair a mini-pair with two different radio transmitters.

The XMM 8160 provides many functions and frequencies on a roof. Photos: Intel

The successor of the first iPhone in 5G was expected
While the Intel creates pressure with its initial announcement, it is not clear how Apple responds. According to reports, iPhone manufacturer XMM 8061 wants to wait for because the modem introduced now produces very hot. In addition, it must be full of energy. Intel plans to resell 10nm process and fix issues. But he disappeared.

Before 2020
Though theoretically possible, the idea of ​​5G iPhone is unlikely next year. For a year, in the second year of the Intel indicates that they can not climb the ship. And pipes and devices need time to set up chips. Go to another
Apple claims the longest test steps in power consumption, solid integration, and reliability. Intel will have to shrink its wheel for another six-six years, so Apple actually fails with a 5G device. On the other hand, iPhone manufacturer does not implement its product wheels.

Smaller, Compact, Very Well Integrated: 8160 How Energy is Using, Intel Does not Say.

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This is because mobile phone companies need few years to convert radio stations. Next year, the metropolitan areas are expected to be connected for the first time. Early adoptions after the use of 5G service on laptops would be less energy-efficient peripherals. We will see the first smartphones we have with 5G next year. As far as experts are concerned, 2019 is an expanded experiment. More complex and comprehensive products can be expected in 2020. As the first developer, Apple is known for introduction of non-linear elements, the introduction of the first iPhone with 5G connections in the autumn of 2020, even if there are at least interpretations.

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