Friday , September 30 2022

What helps to get rid of his boilers?


The prime minister declared he wanted to "expand the premium to convert the boilers". The assistance upto € 3000 is already available, providing "modesty" and "very simple" returns. Explanations.

Adult Philip wants to remove individual oil boilers within ten years. On Wednesday, the Prime Minister announced Wednesday "Boons Development for Boosters' conversion". Items that sell an old oil boiler (hot pump, groceries, or gas) are now making profits with € 2,000. 3000 euros (for the benefit of both these resources are available on this page, on page 8 and 9 of the National Agency for Housing).

"Negotiations in the Ministry of Environment Conversion increase the maximum amount to € 3,500 and increase the number of qualified people," said Nicolas Moulin, president of Energy. Thus, the premium of € 2,000 is owned by a small boiler.

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Oil is heated in 4 million homes (or 14% of households), including 600,000 collective homes, according to Ademe's figures from 2017. "We offer a system for the French to freely release them from the French, and Edward Philip told RTL that this will lead to a new system like a hot pump or wooden boiler, removing old tools or removing the tank." Objective "A third of the total cost of transfers ", 5000 m It is estimated up to 6,000 euros.

In addition to the increase of these funding, the government has given a hint to encourage its oil boilers to avoid. Avoid taxation, such as doors and shutters. For energy conversion (CITE). On the contrary, after a window is omitted, the window change can be restored to ISCED.

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