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"What am I supposed to do is" strip laziness "and I hate this show."


Pictures from Patrice Lecartine's documentary series, botches blur – France 3

The oldest pearl in France, a restaurant with ten covers, a joke … Dark shops, That
The documentary series of Patrice Leyondo will explore the unreliable treasures of small towns. At another time, the directors visited sixteen stops
Many portraits, broadcast in France 3, Monday evening, unwanted time (after Evening 3), Who grieves
Patras Lenconde. "I'm not angry, but respect for the work given to me is less."

In the framework of this documentary, Patrice Leyondo traveled to France and agreed to make a film with the character of the French, and even once, together with his characters.

In this documentary you are an expert in travel in France …

We swallowed a lot kilometers, but we are not selling representatives. When we tracked for three or four portraits, we made many trips to Paris. That's why you've got a long time.

How did you find these unique stores?

There were too many words. We knew why we searched. It lasted for a long time. As soon as we reached a touch, we made a little research before we could turn around. I came before meeting people without camera. As it is customary to do so, town halls and officials did not understand what we were looking for, they brought us to the locals …

What is the technical shooting tool?

We converted four people into ultra-light employees. There was a sound engineer, chief operator and an assistant. When we arrived, it was not landing. We've worked with places that are in range. This people leads to folly. But we've always welcomed. Even if it was a little miracle, there was no unbelief or distance.

Have you met these guys in your next films and give you the role of characters?

Perhaps I do not know yet. But all of them had a character and personality. The guards could have seen a sketch of the sketches of her ganja shop … I meet people. Really. I wanted to track their history, something dynamic, motivated, fun, and possible, if these businesses will soon shut down under doctor.

Still, your movie is not sad …

They do not have the hatred with them but are bitter. They stood firm, not to let their protection go. But they all responded me personally, and they do not form a club.

It is with the arrival of this memorable French scores EditorialItaly France 3. Is the channel you brought to us?

No. This is not an order. That's why I suggested it to me. It is emotional and demand acute, but not all terrorists. I'm not trying to say that these businesses are disgusting or that it is disgraceful. That is not my point.

Do you have a natural approach or approach in your subject?

If I was not that quick, I sat down on the stage. I do not have the psychological stance of a journalist, and I will ask questions like customer, neighbor, neighbor. On the contrary, I wanted to Bar It is a show that I hate. I am anti-BarBe attentive to these toughest people. Bar Pictured small people using a small tone. I am these people, I'm approaching, I'm not queen in England. If I had a model, it would be firewall. It's personal and intimate, to run it.

Is this experience you want to re-set a documentary immediately?

I do not think so. I was already shining for a Cambodian movie, with a merit of reality, a director always has a revolutionary outcome. It's energetic.

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