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Unpublished interview Johnny Haleade can overcome heritage business

If the French court ordered to record Johnny Halid's right, Nandere's court will say Tuesday. But now a new document is likely to be hanged in the current debate.

This is an interview given to C8. It will be broadcast on June 6 in a documentary on Rocker. The singer speaks about the tradition of sending us children. This interview was held on April 24, 2014, within a few days after the last wish was signed, in all the conflicts of today. After a concert for an American site, Johnny had given it to a French journalist in Lower Angels. Two speak English.

Listening to the European language:

I'm a French rocker. I am French

When joining Europe 1, Frank Rangin explains: "Rohker responded sincerely to the artist, between the artists and artists of his work, to his work.

"- You have four children and three grandchildren, and what tradition do you want from them, what do you want them to keep in your heart?

– I'm a French rocker. I'm French, I'm rock n & # 39; roll. In France, I got Rock. Of course, I sing a lot in English, but do a lot in French. "

In her question, the journalist makes it clear that the singer has four children. So the singer's response did not include all the children. "This is not one of the interview, or avarkketireyea, it is legal and vastunisthavuman, it is built on a background of the current trial, no nothing, and in his words, there is no barrier at all adhikarikatayekkuriccum displaying himself in his heart, the statue of John kutate.addehatteatulla Ikkunnu, it is necessary, "says Frank ragain.

In an appeal process

The verdict issued on Tuesday does not take into account this interview, it has long been in the process. In the moments, Johny Haledy's two-year old child protection, opposing Rocker's widow, is based on a statement Bin April 12, 2018 : "I married France, Eiffel Tower!". "We have married Eiffel Towers, our civil code, and the French child code could indicate that children can not be separated," says Europe's 1 Pierre Olivier Sir, a lawyer for Laura Smet.

The result should be appealed, as the defeat in the first round is not acceptable. Join this video in other areas that include slogans of lawyer David Halle and Laura Smet.

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