Friday , May 14 2021

Two days before the national call, Burgundy "yellow dresses" were blocked

On the evening of the evening, some of the yellow objects in the first neven and Sonne-E-Loire were combined.

Burgundy motor experts say several Kg cars in the Zion-i-Loire and Nivivre. The dangers of "yellow fishes" taste delicious. The workshop was started in A-77 around the Kosnn-Sir-Lear in Nieuwar. It ended 19 hours ago.

No question. 25 motor vehicles were recovered and 25 vehicles were recovered. This indicates that it was started on Saturday. The security forces said nothing about the incident has been announced. Another operation took place in Saloon-E-Lear. At the same time, N80 was not far from the Chalon Sir-Zeon. Many kilometers have caused traffic jams. . The police organized bikers and protest demonstrations. According to online media crasso-infos.

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