Thursday , August 11 2022

The side effects on sleep pillows pointing to "60 million customers."


"60 million customers" warn of the dangers of sleeping pills. – Gilett / CPA

Along with sleeping tablets containing benzodiazepines may have many terrible side effects. This issue was published Thursday in the subject "Good Sleep, How to Use". 60 million customers. This note was used by a number of eight people in France last year, mainly sold in the names of drugs, especially the Solpidim, Stilnox and Emoan.

Writer writers say that it takes only a month after a suckling, which can take up to a year. At this time, patients may be associated with sleep, but headache and anxiety may also occur. For users who increase the amount after correction of the corpse, the intensity of the side effects resulting from surveyors' authors increases: "Sleep, attention, memory disturbance, state confusion, waterfall …".

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The magazine also states that benzodiazepine highlights the sleep quality of followers. Several studies have shown that there is a risk of cancer risk or a reaction to attacks against others. Alzheimer's disease is associated with evolution. Some scientists are an act of refusing to ask questions.

Opinion 60 million customers Other sleeping pills are no more comforting. The
Over-the-counter anti-histamine drugs for a few days may result in long-term drugs, such as dizziness, headache, and so on. It will only take effect in a short period of 55 years for melaton. Health authorities in April this year
Some people are not recommended.

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