Thursday , September 29 2022

The immigrant Jose Garcia is Antonine de Causes at Philip Gildes's funeral.


Antoine de Kounes honored Philip Gildas at the expense of Jose Garcia. But the actor did not respond to him.

Still the canal + is the soul. Sunday, October 27 Sunday, Sunday, October 28 Philip Gildas, hosted by festivities Somewhere else Canal + died due to widespread cancer.On November 5, Audiovisual Landscape in France supported his wife Mary in a function at Pera Lachaise, Paris.

At last glance, the journalist's friend Anton de Couns, was joking for years as Jose Garcia. Somewhere else. At the advice of Antonine de Council, Jose Garcia and his wife put on white clothes in the ceremony. Other Guests have not been given such suggestions.

In the daily newspaper The FIG, Jose Garcia does not blame his old friend,Anyway, he locked everything up. When he called Mary, he told her: When you call, you will see the white color. But I'm a pretty good journey … it made me very happy, first I was laughing and I wore white clothes to everyone wearing a black put on our Phoebe face … "

Photo Credits: Agency / Benignajj

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