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The highest intensity recorded is like jacom


Sleeping near a sniper is often a feature. Hat, whistling, cup and nose Paste … The teeth of the throat Tissue's vibration is like trying to stop. Every night, 15 million Frenchmen are in the minority. About 50% of France's population of 60 years of age is aged 30 to 35%.

From a conversation's voice to a jackminder

His special issue was dissolved, the association 60 million customers A lightweight ultra grid provides "lite" to "too loud". To stay well, ambient voicemail should not exceed 30 decibels (DB). The sound of 40 dB voice, two interchange dials, 45 decibels and a dishwasher. When the noise is in the 60 DB, the same decibels on the street go unoccupied, in the average dropsy section.

Snoring can make your voice sound louder, especially louder. When you are entering the shorter section, the sound goes up to 70 dBs, the sound of a vacuum cleaner or an environment school canteen matches the sound. But that does not stop there. Because a baby can reach 80 dB, in a very street or 90 dB, or a sound of floral force, 100 dB a jackhammer.

Cardio-vascular risk

These contrasts lend to smile. However, because you can hide a real disease, you should take it seriously. Sleep Apnea is the most common condition for breathing and respiratory infections due to the sleeping respiratory episodes. This usually occurs in over-weighted obstructive people.

This respiration leads to a lack of oxygen, which results in a little awakening and poor quality assurance. This leads to fatigue, headache, drowsiness, memory attention problems, low libido. But the most serious is this, which can lead to hypertension, coronary heart or stroke.

Contact a specialist

It is important to approach a specialist to hold a sleep recording during this difficult time. This can be done through a ventilated polygraph, home exams, top running airways, running, lung movement problems or special tools that measure pressure in polysoumnography. The second is a battery charge that allows you to sleep at home or at a particular center, the wheel can structure its structure, lungs, cardiac or neurological abnormality. Appearance count, length and intensity are precisely objective.

Nevertheless, not every scaryness is associated with health problems. Sometimes they can be removed with simple solutions using spray, oral or nastri. Finally, one who listens to the sounds can joke a pair of ears.

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