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The hardest week in Macron


Political Hurricane – State Heads of Opposition see more exploitation. "Yellow Dresses" continue their activities, nurses end up on Tuesday, mayors join the Congress in the face of tension with the state.

Bras'sasilekkulla have a lot of time to think during a visit Tuesday Tuesday phearmulayekkuricc written by Emmanuel Henry reasepheartt makreanin journalists: "France's 36 million topics, phransilullat. Last Saturday 290,000" yellow dress ", including the 67 million French, sitakalattuninn escape from the leaders of the bud'dhimut Indeed. This week, "yellow dress" and continued their activities, Nurses, concludes on Tuesday, joining the Congress of Mayors gavanmenrumayulla pirimurukkattinre in the background.

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● Less yellow "clothes" still stick together

On Saturday, more than 290,000 protesters in France over 2,000 sites have been shut down after "yellow dresses", a movement without a leader or organizer, defending multiple claims around purchasing power. On Monday, 27,000 attended. Tunes, petrol stations, motorways and oil depots. Including in the island of Réunion: islands are tired. According to a final estimate of the home minister Christophe Castaner, a death toll was reported to 528.

"Yellow Dresses" Paris, November 17, 2018. Finnegan at Vincenn Bostat

On Sunday night, Prime Minister in France, on "Ras-le-Bol" and "Abandoned Thought," he said, "Fueling the carbon tax, without wanting to" make a change. " Marine Le Pen said that he would reply "on time" to questions about this anti-fundamentalist anti-Macroman ideology that emphasizes some of the ramparts. In the first and second round of the presidential election, Emmanuvel Macrone strongly voted in the departments.

François-Xavier Bourmade: "If you give the Emmanuel macron" yellow clothes ", he died." – Fierro Live

● The nurses do not want to forget the health plan

Following seven months of major strikes and hospital blocks, President Xiès had to meet the needs of presidential nurses. On Tuesday, the National Holidays announced the call of sixteen organizations to ensure the quality of the 660,000 nurses' quality improvement. 17 Plans are planned for metro cities and foreign countries.

A way to challenge the government is by implementing a health plan with a € 3.4billion budget. "Nurse Responsibilities of the Project", organizations in a statement are upset. 4000 government funders and some simple activities to avoid the doctors of administrative duties are disturbed by the profession. The nursing union finds it "a real provocation". "The amount of money spent on these spending is more stable than working in nursing homes that can be employed by labor," they believe.

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● Mayors worry about housing tax bans

Paris Mayors met in Paris on the 101th Conference of the Association of Association of Meyers (AMF) in France. Franzago Baron, president of the AMF, responds to selected scholars in an interview published in the Mayais de France magazine. "The State decides, it has the right, but it must be paid," he says, referring to a cause for anxiety of elected officials: the housing tax bills for the entire ban were taken by the government in 2021.

Mayors of the 100th Mayor of Paris Mayor, November 21, 2017

Mayors of the 100th Mayor of Paris Mayor, November 21, 2017 Jacob's Demeteron / AFP

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But the people can not challenge the angry makkron. If he promised last year's "year-end report" of their promises to mayors, then the head of state would take 15 hours to do so. "He is not afraid to face the mayors," "decided otherwise," wrote a letter to "all the mayors" reported last year by the Minister for 3 years together, Jacqueline Gourroll. The President will have power in March 2019 to address elected elected representatives in the 2014-2020 period. According to a recent survey by the AMF-Sevipop, two mayors are not expected to participate in the next municipal elections in two years.

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