Wednesday , September 28 2022

The cam in the cam (10 percent): who is his partner?


She willingly appear with him, but never reveals his first name. At the age of eight in the cam of a canine, an architect had two children in his life. A good couple.

On the screen, she's sometimes MotherfuckerSometimes Deprecated. It was inspired by the television program's inspiration. Claude and jealousy in his latest comedy with Kamel Shamooks and Mummo. This Wednesday night, she is particularly cold in the series, Andre Martel Ten percent. But these features seem to be a thousand miles away from Camilla Coot's life. The actress in the first stages of the Palm, admits that it is acceptable. Although we know he has been in contact with a man for more than eighteen years, she speaks little about her family life.

Brown, glasses, architect, these companions are shown in red carpets or shades. If his face is now known, his name is not revealed in the media. They have two children with a child named Kamil: Leon, a three-year-old Anna, and a child born in 2009. In our last interview, we have helped us regularly with our son. Her daughter when she literally becomes "worshiper" The screen has the first stage of the girl in a comedy Such a mother, daughter, Conquered his mother – certainly not objective.

Like Anna, her father was a great driver with Camilo Cotin. It was during the shooting Deprecated. Actress says in an interview 50 minutes inside In one scene, she had a roll roll "to a dj" … "He asked me if he was doing DJJ, I said, I do not know, it will be my own. Although no one was so happy that no one kissed his kiss in his wife, because he is not sure to repeat the experience, as Cam Cottin confirms,He has only one sentence to say, but even a sentence, he was very emphasized …"After all, comedy is a job!

In the third season find the camille draw Ten percent, Wednesday, November 14 to 21:10 in France 2.

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