Tuesday , March 21 2023

Team France – Grimes: "Post-desperms? Sidane might be a good manager" – football


"Who are the diyar desamps on the head of blues?"The French team's coach, who won last summer's world championship, was more comfortable at his bench, so the problem of his (heavy) successor emerged within a few years, and this question is already questioned by ESPN Anthony Grisman and his beloved.

" Deschamps will dominate this position as long as he wishes"

"How long does it take to stay the national coach? He holds this position as he respects and fonds"First of all, I would like to consider his coach for the French International."Then I could have been the best manager of FranceGrecia, who has hidden nothing for the former coach of Real Madrid, has an appropriate profile to succeed the Atlantic Striker ZZ.

"A deadline for blues head? My wife reminded me recently: When I started, I said, "I will not do this until I'm 50 years old," I said"We have recently collaborated with Blues Coach, which until 2020. I'm good, I need that, this is my passion. If one day I find that I have the same desire and determination, something else happens. But I do not think about it today. But I have a life"

Video – When are the 50s: Blues at anytime? "As long as possible"


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