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Pre-Unc Grand Soil: Summary of the episode Monday, December 7, 2020 [SPOILERS] – TV news series


In the next episode of “Un C Grand Soil” … When Manu signs the documents for his daughter, Alain and Elizabeth get to know each other.

Warning, the following paragraphs contain spoilers from the episode that aired Monday evening on France 2 on the Un C Grand Soy! If you do not want to know anything, do not read!

Monday, December 7 at the Unc Grand Soil …

Manu records for his day

Manu and Florent meet Lotisia and Johanna to finalize Camille’s custody case. The police officers signed the document giving permission to take their daughter abroad with great emotion. Manu is in its worst condition since their meeting. When he alleges that his ex-wife wants to keep Camille away from him, Lotizia suggests that he follow them to Singapore. Manu replies that his life is in Montpellier. When she returns home, Letia warns her daughter that her father has signed the paper and that they will leave for Singapore next February. But the teenager raised her head and refused to talk to her mother. Manu tells Elsa the pain of having to release her child once again. Soon, Becker decides to watch Virgil, and then Manu warns his friend to be careful. Not too far from there, Kira is in the hut, taking advantage of the fact that everyone is busy stealing Sofia’s phone.

Get to know Alain and Elizabeth

Claire and Florent reconciled over the weekend. Florent gives them a gold necklace because it is the birthday of the woman he loves. Happy, Claire kisses her softly and then announces that she has invited Sabine to her birthday party in Les Savages. Sabine tells Eve that she does not want to go to Claire’s party because she avoids attending the couple’s reconciliation. When Florent called her to tell her she had no intention of inviting her friend, Sabin stepped back and agreed to go to the party. Meanwhile, Claire invites Alain to her birthday party and makes it clear that she wants to introduce a friend of hers whom she can get to know better. However, the doctor is not ready to see anyone yet, but Janet encourages him to go for a walk with him anyway. At the end of the day, Claire and Florent meet all their friends in the hut. Claire introduces Allen to Elizabeth while Sabin takes refuge in alcohol. Under the spell of each other, they get to know each other thanks to their general passion for opera.

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