Thursday , June 8 2023

Paul Bogba wants to expel Manchester United


I would like to prolong Paul Bogba

When you say that football is going very fast. A few months later, just a few months ago, Paulo's English newspapers began to emerge from Manchester United. However, José Mourinho was expelled. World champion Ole Gunnar rekindled under soccer jersey. This morning The sun It indicates that the French midfielder is ready to return to negotiate with Red Devil. The Tablet indicates that Pixx is the second highest paid club in the club behind Alquis Sanchez. If the debates succeed, then the podba can get closer to his Chile team.

Torino in Jerry?

St. JerMin of Paris might have Jesus' footsteps? The answer is not yet in favor Tutuppot He opens a way to today's Spanish striker in his slavic. Torino was ready to see the venue in Madrid. Not a new challenge to all PSGs. And every day, this is the moment when the assailant is underestimated. Although Jess has always been an exemplary posthumous arrival of Thomas Treasure, Paris wants to avoid it.

In 2020, the Jewelel will see the land

At the end of the contract, all factions are in the Juvenus Tour between the players recruited and the youngest in the Italian League. This morning Tutuppot Jenova's Argentine defender, Christia Romero, suggests that the old lady will agree. The second thing was to listen to João. Join Beyoncorow Worker in 2020. Like some years ago at Bentanker or Polo diabala, Everestus likes to look for the skills of young people to let them grow in his positions.

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