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Paid seats, food sales … change in Ouego


It is headed by SNCF to bring consumers back in TGV. The Ouigo, the lowest speed train launched in 2013, continues. Its turnover in 2018 must be 300 million euro or 65 percent over the previous year. This is expected to rise to 12 million this year after exporting 7.6 million passengers by 2017. The goal posted at the beginning of the year is just one million. "The spring's strike has led to tornado's pink and Stefan Rappaak, the head of Pink TV, but no transport company can boast about 5 million passengers within a year …"

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By 2020, the SNCF low-traffic target has 30 million passengers. The offer of SNCF Tiger is 25%. The cheapest way to divert the ticket from Ouougou to Euros is 10 euros. "We have about half of Inoui TGV tickets," says Stephen Rapbebb. In Ouigo, the average price for a ticket is € 25, when it is € 49 for classic TG. "

As a result, a low cost train annually declares an average filling rate of 90%. Ouigo encourages the development of its network as it increases new products. An overview of what to do or what changes in the upcoming weeks.

Please select your boarding time

Ouigo first tested on November 9 "Ouiboarding". During booking, you must select a slot for 15 minutes at 35 minutes of boarding. For example, if you leave the train at 10:40, you can choose between 10:05, 10:20, 10:15, 10:30, 10:25, 10:40, or 10:35, and 10:40 on board. If you want to avoive this organization and go anywhere, you have to pay € 2 per ticket.

The new system will have to streamline the board to 1,250 passengers and limit the passenger's wait. A Paris-Bordeaux check, the second experiment takes place between Paris and the south east of France. If successful, the new organization will be deployed mid-next year.

Paid seats

Like many other experts in air traffic, at low cost, O'Guile succumbs to the temptation to charge some seats. "For example, individual seats, details, Stephen rappack, we can charge them for £ 2, but this is just a track and no decision has been made, and one way to increase his income." Today, the payment options, such as a electrical outlet or an extra luggage, are only 4% of our revenue , That's 40 percent, "says Ou Mue Avi says. Option is selected, will begin tests next year. "But, do not sit on the left," Stephen rappebakk gives a warning.

Selling food on the board

For a long time, she paves the way. "Our agents have said that, for passengers on the train says Stephen rappebb complaints about those who can not buy a drink paykkarrukalea. According to a sale? Ouigo the management of any form, the car is very expensive, and very visalavuman bars. Suppliers, very expensive, private nasippikkappetattatuman decline in a row. Trealiyikal praca Ippikkuka, TGV dpleksil is too complex. "This will be discussed with our agents," says srrephen rappebab.

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