In 2017 the Force Overwer's figures have been losing over € 635,000. The sentence passed by the Labor Court of Longhua judges will be reduced further. 65,000 employees Bernard Baileed filed a petition in 2017 following the abandonment of the autoricker. The court ordered to fine the union. This situation was later redesigned as a job contract, and the FOO was forced to issue a genuine and serious case.

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"They all tried"

Bernard Baileed, a former police officer, joined as a coach in 2003. The retired SGP police union dismissed him in 2006 and then collected as much as 600 pounds a month. I do not lose my comparison with my old salary. "He told Paris, after the law of 2008, that the transparency of union accounts was due to the transparency of the auto autorporation, but in 2017," a worker's accident led to the dismissal of a terrorist from the training center. "

Pascal Pawag resigned from Fasari Outerier

The trade union leader has decided to bring the case to the case even after leaders warned of the FF. "For three years after they took me seriously, they tried everything, Jean Cloude Mail and Pavagava began to join me in July." Bernard Billard, who sent email to Sunday's 140 leaders, said: "If you know of the newspapers, let them explain." However he assures: "Responsible Who erretukkunnayal N, painful in some individuals with the union. "