Tuesday , March 21 2023

Keolis and RPP Dev alliance have won the CADG Express


There were only a few days in the complaint filed with Transdadez on November 7. A direct rail link to State Gare DEST, the future operator of the CDG Express, Roissy-Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Although the announcement is expected on November 15, the government decided to choose a "Keolis-Rate P-Day" on Monday, officially published by City, Rail and Transportation magazine. Market.

We can say that a decision is not quite a surprise. Only other candidates who took the ride were guided by Transdend. The transport team controlled by the Ceres de Depot was a very reliable winner. A complaint filed with Autority de la Presence at Home Auto, lost all success in winning.

The exact reason for complaint is not yet known. TransessWiki Authority is known to deny any comment at this stage. Relationship between RATP Dev (RATP subsidiary and Kyolis 70% SNCF control) is like a monopoly on the island and currently is a contract between two companies. -De-France. The company's joint application requested for suspension.

Will this complaint be prevented from choosing the state? But the procedure will continue to follow its course. Until autorité de la alliance is authorized in the CDX Express, there will be a legal mortgage.

A calendar is already under heavy pressure

Timetable for completing work – new line is ready for 2024 Olympic Games – It's already very fierce, no delay can achieve this goal. Keolis-RATP Dev can not wait for more market-related investments including alto of 12 reoyless trains that need to be transported in the future. Because of the possibility of traveling with these trains, the Competition Authority has finally been approved by Transdend. Based on a familiar source on this subject, the Gyros will be willing to take risks: in most of the regions there are reeilious trains that provide resilient opportunities.

The state controlled by the case de depots, therefore TransdVy, will be promptly encouraged to move the Transport Board to withdraw its complaint next week. Public authorities are growing over the years to complete the completion of a project.

Lionel Steinman

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