Sunday , January 29 2023

It's official! Jean Pierre Pernatt on TF1 Newscast on the following Monday


The faithful Jean Pierre Parnaut The news should be panicked. At the end of September, a TF1 reporter announced on Twitter. He had an operation to prostate cancer. Platinum had to be withdrawn for some time. A few weeks ago, he promised health care:After all, after 15 days of my surgery, I wanted to give you some news. Well, as you can seeIt was amazing to know that a journalist would return to the flight before that year. The exact dates were not known yet … it was Gene – Pierre Parnot, who announced him on November 9th.

"J-3! 1:00 pm You can not wait to see you in Newscast", Tweeted, and all were together with him a little smile.It looks like you want to see again","Very good news","Welcome back","Rejoice for you"He's anxious to find many comments from the journalist's followers.

Good news! Jean-Pierre Panaut TF1 will be back soon

In his absence, Jackassus Legros was a joker. This will end on Friday afternoon.

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