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Gender rejects the human track


Of the 460 facts proven, only 86 can be linked to human participation. A figure that created a wave of unfamiliarity and anger among breeders.

For two months, last summer, hundreds of horses were found mutilated, their carcasses dismembered and their ears amputated in various parts of France. Unbearable situation for horse racing breeders who decided to unite to fight an unexpected and unexplained phenomenon. Local Gendarmes are tasked with setting up a national unit at the central office for the fight against aggression against the environment and public health, an organization affiliated with the Ministry of the Interior. Information. Following the owners ’pain and the extent of the phenomenon, the government set up a toll-free number in early September, which was broadcast by the French Equestrian Federation.

OCLAESP has detected 460 cases in France since this summer. But once the natural or accidental causes have been removed and investigated, the figure drops to 84. For example, in Ille-et-Viline, Gendermary concluded that there was no human involvement in local cases, est France reports. “The latest experts have made it possible to eliminate the path of human intervention. Each time, our investigation found accidental injuries or wildlife attacks.», Says Olivier Maldant, commander of the Vitre Gendermary Company. “20% of the observed violence is by human hands», Confirmed by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The remaining 80% can be caused by wildlife or horses.

A conclusion that not only shocks breeders but also angers them: “Do you think they are badgers? Such a clean wound and cruelty? That is not possible», Leon carries on, Horse owner in the Pais de la Louir. “I do not believe it, it is impossible”, Lucy *, who owns about ten horses, adds. “I will not let my guards down. I will continue to monitor my animals. Whatever the outcome of the investigation, they are wrong.” An angle * relative to the observation of all these six equations: “Verdos has always been, and always will be“As far as the breeder is concerned, when genders conclude that animals are injured, it does not mean that man is exempt from all responsibility. Young people open boxes,”The animal injured itself“However, she is convinced that some of the atrocities were committed by humans.If you look at how this was done, only one man could act this way.

Since the end of September, many of the effects have been minimal

Bretton Commander Olivier Maldon is said to have been involved in a series of malicious acts that have been rare since the end of September. A finding shared by horse owners in support groups on social networks. “Shared alerts are low, this is true, but we’m careful, Says Gerard *, owner of six mayors in Orn. However, on Wednesday, December 2, a new case was discovered near Neort, where a man was found alive but mutilated in her genitals. The town hall of Rochnard (Dukes-Savres) urged its inhabitants to be especially vigilant.

Surveys allow us to draw an initial robotic image of criminals in proven cases, despite varying progress depending on the area. “It’s mainly about the sexual variation with Sufilia’s actions”, Confirmed by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

The first names were changed at their request for security reasons

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