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France: The Blues are close to this achievement, the match is live


England - France: The Blues are close to this achievement, the match is live

England – France. Score, live trials, results, summary … Experience the live match between the French rugby team and England tonight, in the final of the Autumn National Cup 2020.

England score

England – France

22 | 19

Score France

17:07 – Farrell score, England win!

France will be fined in an Eto’o match. Very off-center on the left, don’t see Farrell this time! 3 points for England! After a completely crazy match, the English won the match! Bravo English But above all Bravo to this young blues! England win 22-19!

17:05 – French scrum allowed

After the kickoff, the referee suggests a scramble after a very suspicious forward from McCullough. Soukram allows the referee to restart the English in the attack.

17:01 – The first overtime is over

You have it there, 10 minutes later. A break whistles after Raka’s excellent defense that sends an English touch. We’re going for a new extension soon. The French can avoid this second stage extra time. This match is crazy.

16:55 – French attack fined

Sympathy !! During the offensive phase of the French game, the Blues broke through the English defense, thinking they could blame Jones’ men. But the ultimate penalty is the blues. Sympathy! It starts all over again! What suspense! What a stress!

4:51 PM – Farrell misses post!

Incredible! What a crazy match! He was facing posts! After McCullough’s fall, Farrell had a chance to win England! It was totally on his ropes, but he was completely out of sight !!! The ball bounces off the edge of the post. The balloon is back at 1mm !! Incredible !!

4:50 pm – This is extra time!

Come on, everything is playing now! Extra time seems to be the golden goal in football. let’s go !!!

4:48 PM – The first team to score wins!

This is the stake: the first team to score the smallest point wins the match, so the tournament! The English will engage!

4:42 PM – 30 seconds from the end of the English test! Make way for extra time!

Oops Oops !!!!! The Englishmen played the penalty touch wonderfully! After a touch, the English created a mall and returned to the goal of flattening! At the back, 20 meters away from the posts, Farrell balances! 19 everywhere! Make way for extra time !! How hard it is for the blues!

16:38 – Post return for carbon under whistles!

Finally an offensive step for the blues! Raka blew a fuse but the English recovered it. The referee sees that this does not benefit the blues and is tantamount to an English error. On the right is a very attractive Carbonal trying his luck with the whistles of over 2000 English prizes. It goes with the help of the right post! Come !!! 3 minutes left !!!!

16:36 – England respond immediately

France are on the verge of collapse again, but Villier is strong on defense! Arbitration blues are still allowed if an error occurs upstream. When facing the post, Farrell cannot be seen 25 meters in front of the posts. 12 to 16 for the blues!

16:33 – 3 more points for France !!

Awesome Gabin Villier! During a French attack, the French blocked two Englishmen who could not get the ball out! Permission to England. On the back, carbon is accurate even if the post is omitted! Three more points!

4:30 pm – Imperial French defense

The French no longer see the light of day as a crime. The Blues have never been closer to 22 English in this second period. But they can rely on strong resistance. The English don’t pass by and steal some balloons just in time for the blues! Instant again in a perfect scratch!

4:25 PM – Jalibert is injured, paving the way for the carnage

Very good Jalibert injured knee. It’s not particularly bad, but it’s slippery. Louis Carbonal replaces him at the opening.

4:22 PM – Farrell’s third defeat!

The English are not as strong as usual. They continue to play a lot of kicking. The French are unfortunately often punished. Again after a high tackle. But Owen Farrell is not attending this afternoon. The English striker will be lost when facing the post at 30 meters. He lost the third. The French are still ahead. This is a small miracle.

16:15 – New Miss from Farrell

How hard it is for the blues now! In successive games, Jalibert took the initiative to break the rhythm by playing hand to hand with the racquet. But he lost his pass. Behind the quarrel England set fire to the French defense. Eventually the French were fined, but Farrell missed the shot again when the kick could reach.

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England – France: Useful Information

The kickoff of this final of the Rugby Nations Cup of Nations between England and France will be given 2020 December 6 Sunday at 3 p.m., From Twickenham Stadium in London.

Composition Of the Sixteenth of France : Dulin – Racca, Mofana, Dante, Villier – (o) Jalibert, (M) Koila Oud (cap.) – Jellonch, s. Structure of the XV in England: E. Daly – a. Watson, H. Slade, o. Farrell (Cap.), Jr .; May – (o) g. Ford, (M) b. Youngs – Underhill, b. Itoje – Sinclair, George, m. Vunipola.

A free broadcast on TV is scheduled today for this Rugby Autumn Nations Cup final between France and England. To watch the match live on TV, go France 2, The only channel that offers a rebroadcast of the meeting. Matthew Lartott and Dimitri Yachvili will comment

Do you want to watch match streaming? To follow this England – France match on the internet, go France 2 website (Local access after registration). We also offer live coverage of the match with the evolution of the score and a summary of actions (see above).

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