Sunday , January 29 2023

Frambus Lai – Parisian


He was a memorable "gangster" and "a man and a woman". Lai (86) of France passed away. He was known in France with a picture of Claude Lechoch.

"A Man and a Woman", Nicole Crossley and Pierre Barrule (INA Collection)

Three of the film's hundreds of soundtracks ("L & # 39; Aventure c & # 39; est & l; vent venture", along with Johnny Hallete's song), "Les Ripoux" Clood CD. César, Franz Lai and Arthur Hillers, "Love Story" were successful in Hollywood. He was awarded the Golden Globe in 1971 for American Malo's Unmatched Theme and Oscar for the Best Sound Track.

Francis Lai Franz Chanzon has written over 600 songs for the big names: Sergi Roggiani, Dalita, Mairey Mathew, Patricia Kass, Charles Asnavar, Edith Piyeff, and Yves Mondand. Bike Cycle "in 1968.

"Love Story" program

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