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Daniel Malgauras, owner of St. Adrienne de Svivian,


Daniel Malgauras, owner of Saint-Adrien of Jardine Released from prison On Tuesday afternoon a year after the bail was granted. He is imprisoned in the Bossiers. The appeal was rejected by the appeals court and sentenced to six months in prison.

Daniel Malgarus was released in midday with the daughter of his lawyer Maitri Drygui and his sister. He was not his wife. When he arrived, the journalists had a few words.

"We met two calamitous beasts.

"They do not know what they have done. You can not imagine, I am waiting for you this moment for so long. This night you will not find yourself in prison!

He will return in the evening on October 5, 5, at the time of his robbery. That night, he shot a rifle on one of the two thieves who seized his house. His wife Frances Malgauras was beaten by criminals. "On the night of robbery, we faced two terrible animals with my wife. They killed us. We were very lucky. I'm afraid of the gesture I need to make, But Françoise's life was in danger, and I apologize to the family (NRLL died) I know that he has children. But what can be done in these cases? "

"I'm innocent and find evidences!"

Daniel Malagaurus admitted that he was fired at the men who threatened him and claimed he was legally protected. But justice is also blamed for organizing his robbery. Believe in the statement of the second robber. Malgories for sponsoring his wife's money by putting a fake home in the proper manner. From the beginning of this event, Daniel Malagauras continues to deny any involvementHe says that he does not know robbers and that he is rejecting his innocence from the outset. "We have spoken to me, and leave evidence, teattakkareatulla relationship to jail … Fortunately, I greeted them and enjoy the well-selmarrukal, but it was not severe. Kuttakkealakalil of justice … Fortunately I have a good lawyer, and I called him a fighting, and how can others in a positive abhibhasakanallate I do not know whether the unwary. "

"I'm innocent, they will see me without evidence, find the evidence, if I find a single proof, I sell all my property and put all the money in jail when I want you to be in the league of cancer. ".

"If I were imprisoned, it would have been hanging me"

Daniel Malgourse must be under judicial control, hence being banned in the Department of Herald, he will go to the Pyrenees-Orientalism, where he lives in his second home.

"My family is to be broken today, and it's my family, my brother, my daughter, my brother, _Without that I can not walk_. My cell thought how to do it using the sheet. My lawyer, Master Dryguuda, knew that I was innocent at the very beginning. Why are he and others "

Daniel Malagauris is in detention on October 20, 2017 The accused The attempted murder attempted to escape the night of murder, looting, criminal conspiracy, and second robber Richard Brucano.

Daniel Malgaur's sister and daughter - Radio France
Daniel Malgauri's sister and daughter © Radio France

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