Wednesday , March 22 2023

Chris crosses her engagement with Silkra


Paris Hilton The year started on a very happy occasion. On January 2, it was decided to engage Kris Silka, a wealthy domestic worker. He was carrying a huge diamond ring worth 2 million dollars. "I'm happy to love my life. My best friend was my soul (…), Instagram wrote to her beautiful Wedding in the Caption of a photo of her wedding request. He is very dedicated, faithful and loving. I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world! Chris, you make my dreams honest. Thanks for showing me the story stories!"

Paris Hilton was said to be "Christian Silicon" only a few months later! (Photos)

Ten months later, the character ended. According to information ThimmSeveral weeks ago, Hilton was engaged to the engagement. For good reason, she understood it Chris Seal Not good, their relationship quickly changed. To see the page back, the former reality show removed their exclusive photos from their social networks.

For Paris Hilton, the revelation of his sextup is "like a rape"

For the opportunity, Paris Hilton He shared his favorite quote from his idol Marilyn Monroe. "I think everything will happen for a reason. You can change people you learn to change. Things do look right, so they can enjoy the best. You are lying to believe that you do not believe in anyone. Sometimes the good things go up, and the better ones will be born. "

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