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Carrfore and Leclerc are fuel prices


This is called marketing marketing. Lanclake and carpiece surf at the speed of vehicle discomfort. Challenging fuel prices are rising. Since last year, diesel fuel prices have risen by 23 per cent to buyback capacity. Two giants of the distribution recover the case and reassert their controversial status. They decided to sell diesel and petrol prices.

This "Fuel Days" for carribean will be applied «From today [lundi 5 novembre, NDLR] As of November 17,. There are around 200 hypermarkets marked. In his blog, Michael-Edward Luckler declares that "The E. Leclel Movement decided to extend the distribution of its fuels, first to make November 5 to 2018 and November 30, 2018.". To specify: "There is no fuel margin in November." This was the answer of the shepherd's shepherd. The operation is connected to 684 service stations of the e-Lackar network.

Save purchase capacity

On Monday morning, Michael Edouard Lackler announced the verdict & # 39; body & # 39; French adults. "We heard it and we should answer that"He added. For him, taking this means "Requirements to sustain purchasing power". Carrillo believes, as part of that, that "Purchasing power is not limited to petrol price". The team had the opportunity to announce a series of goals "Save the guard of the customer […] Especially at the end of the year celebrations ». Christmas toys, "Black Friday", and payment facilities. French Force: It hurts two signs.

Executive firmness

In this position, leclerc is legitimate. He won the 1970s and 1980s, and 467 oil companies opposed the tankers for the price hike. After that, all supermarkets in France use gasoline and diesel to produce traffic on hurricane and shopping centers. Lower rates than other distribution networks.

Great super-markets have been the bulk of the network of service stations in France. 61.4% volumes were distributed at 11,147 service stations (ie 47 points compared to last year). In France, 54% of them still belong to traditional brands. The market share has been steady for many years since March 2012 (62.7%).

Some of the oil companies have sold their assets and their sales are reduced, while others have changed their tactics. Overall, this created a competition for the entire access network. On average, at least ten cents of fuel per liter per liter, it is equal to the welding retail price. The group is making sure.

Total access response

There are 679 service stations with total access to the largest outflow areas: they represent 30% of the total now, but distributed half its volumes. However, the distribution margin is the same everywhere: a penny per liter, a spokeswoman said. Total sales fell by 3% to 4% in the first net nine months of total hike due to fuel prices. Total access stations have gone up from 0 to -1%. These volumes have a low price.

Philip Bertrand, Billin in Veronic, Enrique Moriara

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