Wednesday , September 28 2022

Aubépines ARS closed at the sample clinic near the dip


A few days ago the helicopter crashed. The helicopter crashed in a helicopter in the helicopter. From Thursday onwards, a sample clinic for Obaidai near Deepi should be paid. This Stop the gynecology-oblast departmentTherefore, the transfer is temporary for a period of two months.

The Regional Health Agency took this decision National level is very rare. Several physical disorders have been detected in May 2018. Especially in the quality of medical treatment Speed ​​of work Nurses, doctors and anesthesia. "Read the given schedules, and the same doctor was interrupting for 31 days of anesthesia"ARS writes in a statement. At that time, The entire clinic threatened to shut down.

Good recruitment for ARS

In this regard, the management of the clinic comes in this direction immediately. But ARS believes that it will set that place, not that shortcomings. There is no sufficient comfort for patients according to the agency that decides maternity leave. On the other hand, Oncology was opened.

For 6 midwives and four nursing assistants, this is a challenge: "I'm not working in a dangerous placeSandy, midwife, He cooperated with his colleagues on Wednesday, Wednesday Sub prefecture in the Deep. There were no such issues. If we were hazardous, we would not have ceased. "

Same response from the side Patients are invited to give birth to a Deep Hospital or Raoul Two months "I feel so tired, if I miss out without this clinic, if it closes, what do we do, where are we going?"For months they persuade Marie to support their medical staff.

We will review our essay – Dr. Joel in Long, director of clinic

Clinic head doctor Long live in Joe does not lose hope. "Perhaps our explanations are not well understood, we'll see our copy again, or if we can not add persistent experience, or find the positions we may find, a real problem, but I have a good hope and we can find solutions." This is with it Table schedule scheduled next week Between management and members in the LRA. An appointment and new solutions, perhaps, will be allowed Collapse delay Abolition of maternity leave

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