Friday , September 30 2022

185 workers at the Bakery Management Noushas announced the cancellation of the Folskiller Mosalan site.


On Monday, November 12, a council council was announced one year after the first social program.

Newhuser, New Socialist, said on Monday that France's Blue Lorraine Nord, a new social worker who will remove 185 jobs at Fossvilleville, Mazur.

A working council in Paris announced on Monday. The CGT representative is a Christian Portal and a "Treason" In the group. "Tell us less than a month's holidays, close a site", He explains, is disappointed, in France Blue Lorraine Nord.

This is the first place to pay its gates since March 31. The workers started strike as soon as the social work was announced. Their union representatives are out of reach. This job cuts a year after the first social project that led to 110 dismissals.

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