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Uber facing the Australian class action suite for tech crunch

The Oscars have filed a classical action counter against 6000 taxi, rental car drivers and license owners.

The petition was filed in the Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday. Maria Blackburn's personal injury and compensation lawyer, Dr. Thousands of taxis, rented car drivers and operators are demanding compensation. They believe that they have lost their income. Illegal behavior ".

This institution is still registering additional online partnerships – especially those licensed to work in four states, Victoria, Western Australia, New South Wales, and Queensland, from 2014 to 2014 and 2017 to 2017.

Uber has been operating illegally in four states in 2014 by UberX service. Uberex Service used "proper license, accreditation, authorization" and vehicles and drivers. Income, license value, etc.

State laws changed based on Uber's past business behavior. Therefore, Maurice Blackburn was accused of operating illegally in each state – so different dates for registering participants.

In a press release, the case says that the case was built 18 months. Harbor Harbor, the world's largest trader, does not "succeed and fees may not take the fees."

This is a big crime, "said Maurice Blackburn, national head of the US Department of Homeland Security Agency. , Andrew Watson, in a statement.

"It is not acceptable that a business is established by law and is acting illegally to others." A strong case, strong team, is backed by thousands of drivers, operators and license owners across the country, "he added.

The company assures Uber for complaining of allegations against Uber. Instead of failing to implement appropriate restrictions, Uber is accused. For example, for example Uber controversial & # 39; Grill & # 39; Pointing to software usage. "Fraudulent program".

In 2017 members of Uber, Code Implementation Authority have identified or used software to try to collect information about the availability of services available in areas where the local laws are enforced.

"The things differently and are sold and will Uber, but the fact that we charge, it & # 39; illegal & # 39; s that are working illegally with fraudulent programs, such as greybal. Taxi is legally lost, rental car drivers, operators, nasanastamuntakki and license holders." Maurice Black on eBay Senior Assistant Elizabeth osiya cile said.

"Uber was exploited and squeezed out of control by people outside of our control, which was the rubber behavior that led to the horrific loss of our groups, and for such reasons, we had a multi-billion dollar company with Uber and its associated firms.

An employee has a statement of PR, Nick Andrianakis, a taxi driver, from Brunswick to Operator from Brunswick, license owner, "the activity of life has been deleted from you".

We reached Uber to comment on the class action suite.

The news reversed that the company had acted illegally in a Reuters statement: "If Ubar refuses these allegations and claims it, it will be strongly committed to it."

The law firm told the news agencyThey argue that, in terms of such damages, compensation will be paid and compensation will be taken. However, to compensate, compensation should be paid.

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In that situation six months ago Uber was fined $ 20 million. Uber dealers were assigned to contractors.

Even though the Uber has 20 million dollars less in the custody, the appeal court did not alert the previous decision to give the work-action status to hundreds of drivers in California and Massachusetts. Instead, the arbitration agreements are valid and can be implemented.

That decision reduced the number of drivers to 13,600.

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