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The pairing is used for rallying with six runs

Los Angeles Times 7-6 win over Texas Rangers Mike Trout was the first goal in Anahheim in Calif.

The sixth innings of Trott was seventh. In the 5-1 lead, 7-5 in the lead, Angelaise won the second round of the last three matches.

David Fletcher had three wins, one run and a stolen base.

In the ninth over, Los Angeles bowler Justin Anderson hit Ryan twin double-century.

Rainer starr Ariel Jr. made a run from six innings. Rangers managed 5-1 lead. But Fletcher was dropped from seventh-place ODI, and Rangers manager Chris Woodward took over.

Rainer's ball hit the ball with six balls off the top 10 bats. Seven runs scored.

Left-arm giants Jeffrey Spingings (2-1) and Gautam Gambhir (5-1) were the two goals of Luis Rangpee's twin Rupé Double Rouge. Bangladesh lost 5-5 to Shoaib Akhtar. Following Kail Dowd, relief comes from the hill.

Dowdy's first injury pitch reached 6-5. Dowry won the call-khaloon in the next pitch.

Los Angeles giants Lions Garcia (1-1) dropped to seventh.

In the first innings of the 12th round of Trott's season, Angel scored a lead. Trott, who reached the Ballpoint Park on Sunday to work in the batting team, had three wins from his previous 18 bats before moving to the plate of his first innings.

Antu Hayne's left-arm spinner Andrew Haine's left-arm spin bounce was the first ball of the season.

Rohit was out after 4th innings. Heine dismissed the first nine bowlers in the first over. After a bat, Hunter pens reached the age of 11 at the age of 11 and raners 2-1.

Hayne was in fifth innings but finished with 85 points. Hayney's only allowed home races. And he ran eight.

Taylor Colling was placed sixth in the 5-1 lead.

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