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The iPhone, iPhone and iPhone 8 are Saturday

The next step about the newly launched Apple Smartphone is the inaccuracy that fights for the favors of YouTube fans. Inserver The iPhone 8 soon after the price is reduced, it will now move. In addition, the electronic retailer surpassed the previous promotional price of iPhone X. The current model of XRC's iPhone. The current operation is limited in time. This applies May 20, 2019But in the market and online.

IPhone-8-saint-INL-1 jpg© script: saturn.at

iPhone 8

when IPhone 8 with 64 GB Saturn is almost an internet site. Smartphone will be switched over during the promotion period 579 euros Sold. For comparison, the price of Apple is € 679. The last iPhone 8 that uses the Home Button, including the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID), is iPhone 8, which was introduced in the year 2017 in the name of iPhone X. It has a 4.7-inch Retina HD display, A11 Bionic chipset M11 motion co-processor, 2GB RAM, 12MP memory camera, 7MP front camera and IP 67 certification.

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iPhone X

It was sold for a few weeks IPhone X 64 GB EUR 849. In the current process, this price is still paying for more than € 20. For Apple's smartphone now 829 euros the reason. Apple has announced new versions of iPhone X 2017 on the iPhone smartphones. It is the first iPhone without the Home Button and OA LED display. There is a TrueDepht front camera with 3D Stress recognizer (True ID) instead of the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID). It has a 5.8-inch display with Retina HD resolution, 3GB RAM 12MP camera, 7MP front facing camera, A11 Bionic chip, LLN AC, LTE and IP 67 certification with M-Motion co-processor.

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iPhone XR

Finally, the photos and a video came up and he was succeeded by him iPhone XR To show. The smartphone and Apple are not selling hope. Therefore, there were many other pricing / measures already. Saturn now sells in the 64 GB version 769 eurosIn Apple, it is still € 849. The electronic retailer is available in all colors. How did the iPhone XR crash in our test, read the slideshow (below)

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The new iPhone XR test

iPhone XR

Price list starts with € 849. XS (5.8 inches, 1,149 euros), XMax (6.5 inches and 1,249 euros), compared to two models, the 1 inch Apple smartphone is still cheaper.

iPhone XR

There is nothing to complain about "low iPhone", in terms of processing and physical quality. It has not been replaced by aluminum houses instead of stainless steel. In addition, iPhone XR provides the benefit of expensive brothers and sisters: red, cash, and blue colors. Wireless charging support for Q Standard. Combustion and Drug Use, Smartphone IP67- Standard (XS: IP68).

iPhone XR

From the front, the iPhone X range is not different from the high models. Instead of an OLED display, there is an LCD display (1.792 x 828 pixels, 326 ppi). This can demonstrate its display quality. Only light and contrast can be beaten against XS models.

iPhone XR

On the back side of the single camera it was realized. This is the second big difference for the most expensive brothers on the dual camera. Overall, the 12 MP camera of iPhone XR gives you a good idea. In order to compensate for lost telephoto lenses, Apple is dependent on intelligent software that works as much as possible. So the "Smart HDR" images will be very clean even in the low light. When zooming, the device has reached its limit.

iPhone XR

Boca effect also has restrictions. It only works on humans XR. Here you can focus on the background. Animals and objects were not recognized. By contrast, the XS models. No difference here …

iPhone XR

… the widest original deep-depth camera for Face ID that sits on a wide-eyed iPhone XR. Face recognition is set in a few minutes, and then the lightning speed is reliable – even in the dark. After unlocking the display you need to recover the iPhone. That's fine if the smartphone is immediately unlocked via Face ID.

iPhone XR

The device currently has the fastest smartphone chip with the A12 bionic processor. The processor is two high-energy power transducers with 15 percent more energy. Four other cores are used for energy conservation (50% more efficiency). In the Geekbeck exam, Android chip is already shown. Of course, you can benefit from everyday life. Whats what you do with iPhone XR, …

iPhone XR

… it's too fast: with a small press open on the icon and application, websites are not set on time, the games work smoothly. Unfortunately, thanks to the practical 3D touch function, the display differs from different pressure levels, we are completely lost. Or, the functionality that does not have a home button works in fluid and input. With heavy use, you can get day by day.

iPhone XR

Some of the weaknesses include the phone's sound quality, us stands, and the flexibility of the iPhone like a slot for microphones. Apple fans are familiar with the traditional headphone jack. At the current level an adapter is not included. If you want to use headphones with a 3.5mm jack, you need to buy one. The included Power Adapter is not designed for charging fast.

iPhone XR

With the 64 GB entry level, Apple's smartphones, 128 GB (909 euros) and 256 GB (1,019 euros) are also available.
With Apple Smartphone, the best price and performance ratio is the ability to live up to XS models like single cameras, LCD displays, and lack of 3D tess.


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