Wednesday , October 5 2022

Real Madrid News: Vincius Junior Specialist. Cristiano Ronaldo is impossible


Blancoz, who is a teenager supporting Brazilian athlete, has always been the goal of their goals

Vincius Jr. is the one who has a "special" ability to become the "best footballer of football" to play Cristiano Ronaldo's shoes in Real Madrid.

Blancoz found a presence of a Talis Manson in a bowl of Downtown when he was out of Santiago Burnaby in the summer.

That odor will never be smooth, with a team of international superstars and a & rsquo; s Galacto & # 39; In favor of recruitment policy.

Although Ronaldo has not yet proved to be a big miss, no one can say that the World Cup is unlikely.

With 46 million pounds (41 million / USD) from Freemanco, Viennese took to convince the Brazilian that he would be an important person in Madrid when he was 18 years old.

World Cup winners kafu said Fox sports in Mexico: "Vinivas is not a real player in Real Madrid, but he will stay away soon.

No one can stop Cristiano Ronaldo. He created an incredibly successful series in the club.

"But what I see in Vinci, I believe that he is the best candidate in football to replace Christiania with the world over Madrid.

"We need a lot of patience and hard work from others.

"Winasheas leads Real Madrid to victory, but he is not a star right now and can not compare with Cristiano Ronaldo, Cristiano Cristiano, all history [he has] Real Madrid. Everything was taken there, "said Kafu.

The article follows

"Winikus has everything [it takes] Follow his footsteps. He may be a new Christian, but it has a lot of pain. "

Real Madrid's La Laga Club has won five first matches for the club's first goal record.

Despite disappointment with Spanish captain Ronaldo, he is now trying to mark his own in Madrid.

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