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Panot allergy treatment around the corner but the expense increases the concerns Society


Although children's first treatment plan with allergic reactions is approved next year, it also has concerns about the importance of bleeding dough.

In the United States, Evelyna Children's Hospital in the United States shows a small amount of panmozoos proteins less than six months in a study. Two-thirds of the babies produce both harmless roots as food. This essay published in the New England Journal of Medicine, Cambridge, is a similar minor trial four years ago in the UK.

The latest results suggest that the funding of the thermune therapy comes from scientists. They believe that they will be recognized for their treatment, and they are being supplied in a food-capped cabbage open next year.

In 550 children Professor Dr Stephen Tulsis of Washington University in Seattle said, "AR101 is the treatment they call, and it's hard to take the whole process. Of study

"This is the Pharmaceutical Grade Treatment product, not just the grilled flour that you can buy anywhere." He said, "FDA [Food and Drug Administration, which licences drugs in the US] Here's the satisfaction ".

In the trial, the children were treated in three stages, starting with very low levels, every fortnightly increase of 20 weeks a week, and every day household up to 12 million households a day.

Most of the children in the trial began responding more than 10 mg of feed-protein proteins – a US salt is 300 mg, approximately 160 mg per kilogram. At the end of the trial, the average amount was 1000 mg, or four roots. Tiles said, "It's a surprise to me."

Scientists believe that children continue to stay safe to stay safe from starvation proteins. Peanut Allergy is a dangerous. The owners of a restaurant in Lancashire were locked up in jail earlier this month, owned by 15-month-old Magan Lee. Two years ago, Netsa Ednan-Lapazoule died of a pre-sandwich with Seed seed and died.

It treats the most important and highly effective pleasurable allergy. Their treatment is not as cheap as a biological treatment – it is very expensive. "There will be no tens of thousands of dollars, it's just as expensive as a novelty new drug," he said.

Panetta Allergies emerged in the 1990s and now affect 100,000 children in the UK – one in 50 – 1.5 million in the US A treatment market is estimated at $ 4.8bn a year.

Dr. Cambridge Andrew Clarke and his colleagues created Lanceett Paper in 2014. Within a few years he worked for a therapy. "We monetized it," Clarke said. In the course of the 101st trial, 20% of children reported that children were abandoned, 12% due to side effects.

Based on their report, NHS has not provided financial assistance to 180 individuals. Only four were left out. The cost of treatment for children up to £ 17,000 per child seems to be very low in AR101, but it also includes the cost of staffing staff and hospitals that include children in safe spending.

Dr. Michael Perkin of Pediatric Allergies in St. George's Hospital in London, NEJM's editorial notes that the treatment method used in Cambridge is "a bag in sleeves."

"It's not like a fancy medicine made with a monoclonal antibody in some specialized laboratories, taking only the right flour and washing it inside a capsule." He told the guard.

But there are risks that try to get rid of a child in anger at home. "The ability to boil the proper quantity of groundnut or to make it a salt salt is capable of buying a bag.

This means that families will be able to make money for six months with a licensed train. Then buy summer to keep it safe.

"That's a condition," said Tilles. Smaller groups in the US are called "off-label panot imnu therapy" – a treatment with a medical license. "Many such patients eat some stores." But he added: "We do not know whether it is equal to the caretaker of AR101."

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