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Mahras and Brass serve the Algerian Cup football


Manchester City's Riyad Mahrass defeated Tojo 4-1 in the final of the 2019 African Football Final in Cameroon.

In the West African city of the 1990s champions, three goals in 30 minutes were scored by Mahrz Athens Goal.

In the second half Toggle codizo fo-la la la bagged bududa stop time was completed.

Algeria has 10 points in five games in Group D, Benin Seven, Togo and Gambia. Last matches will be held in March.

Algerian qualified for the tenth place after Cameroon, Egypt, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia and Uganda.

Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zimbabwe, in June and the following July, 24 newly developed teams took part in the tournament.

In the group that defeated Burkina Faso 2-1 in Lugova, Angola won a brace. Tanzania came to the 1-0 lead by Nicole Leforto, who led 76th minute in the match.

Williams was in the second half of Zimbabwe, with the Liberia Asset Group in Pines Village. The Congo and Democratic Republic of Congo won 1-1 in the same mini-league.

Zimbabwe has eight points. There are five and four countries in Liberia seven, D-Congo six and Kongo in the top two.

Former champion Zambia was eliminated after losing 1-0 to Mozambique in Group K.

In Maputo, within the space of 63 minutes, only one goal was scored by Albinia's Reginaldo Phyf. Mozambique's expectations were the same.

Zambia seven, Zambia is in fourth place with 0-0 with Guinea-Bissau and Namibia.

They defeated Zambia in the Ivory Coast final after losing to Zimbabwe in Liverpool.

Defending champion Sven Wandbroke, who was born in Belgium, was defeated. South African club member Wedan Nairande resigned from his resignation.

Wandenbrake won a match, chose a team, and lost both runs in the Cup of the Council following the first law as a national cup coach.

Cameron coach Hugo Bruce helped him. The African African Country, which won the 2017 World Cup in Gabon, is a wonder.

Ethiopia was awarded a heavy defeat at 2-0 in Group F of Adina Ababa.

Defeated in the group A four matches, the Sudan Antonerovio won a 3-1 win over Madagascar.

The Group HP played a nautical goal in the 2-2 draw of the Central African Republic in Rwanda. Niger was behind to win 2-1 at Swaziland in Group Jail.

In their latest match against Togo, Zimbabwe qualified for Algeria for the African Cup. Algeria played for Manchester City in November 2018 with the help of Riyas Mahes

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