Thursday , September 29 2022

Kenya: 2018 yoya senior challenge call off


The Senior Challenger Cup of the Eastern and Central African Football Associations (CIFAF) Council canceled this year due to time constraints in changing the term of the National Council and changing the current calendar.

The tournament will be held by the end of this month at the first week of December. CECAA was thrown into a deep ocean because of the financial difficulties the Football Federation of FIFA (FCF) hosted.

Last year, Kenya hosted the tournament and promoted Machucco, Kisum and Kagamega.

"At that time, it was difficult to convince a new host," said Nicolas Mnoni, Secretary-General of CECAFA.

The tournament is now extended till July, after completion of the current seasons in the region. The CEC Cup will be the cup of competitions in June's seniors tournament.

"Another challenge was with that date, because now all the leagues in this sector begin to struggle to stop them from being able to play in our national team"

"The governing Council and the Sponsor decided to take this decision in July, because the leagues ended, and we will move on," said Mourani.

A host city does not yet receive a Cageme Cup, a tournament held in Tourasia or Rwanda.

Musinie confirmed that the CECAFA will host an under-20 tournament in Uganda in December. FIFA receives the Football Awards every year for women and youth.

"FIFA observed, our young and younger tournaments are going on at all levels, the senior challenge and the Kagome Cup are our sponsors."

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