Tuesday , March 28 2023

In the western part of Ethiopia, 80 militant militias pardon


At least 83 detainees were arrested when an illegal military training was held in the western Benchyangul Qumous area of ​​Ethiopia.

The Local Police Commission said that 11 people have been arrested to prevent unauthorized training by local youths. Maoist leader Ethiopian News Agency reported that the country's peace and stability threatened.

Most young men, aged between 13 and 26, were trafficked as they were trafficked near the local capital of Assos.

The training was based on training the local villagers to train and kill the common people and create damages in the area.

Illegal anti-terrorism training is the latest development, due to ethnic differences, in recent violence, in recent violence.

Last month, a dozen people were killed in Assos and its surroundings. There is a landslide threat among the locals and other ethnic groups living in the area.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam is one of the largest development projects in the country, located in the western Ethiopian border with Sudan.

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