Friday , September 30 2022

He is protected from the US war zone when the ebola in the Congo is interrupted


The birth of a 4-day-old baby was born in November in Buembo and Congo. (John Wales / AFP / Getty Images)

Security officials said that the United Nations does not intend to reconstitute the police to prevent Ebola deployment in the Congo.

There is an active militia in the firing in the north-eastern Congo. For more than 4 decades, the country has become one of the largest in the country. Attacks by dozens of armed insurgent groups by government outposts and public have complicated the work of Ebola Response Squads. These are often a decisive job Tracking cases, isolating people infected with malignant viruses. In recent years, violence has increased Armed Forces This week near Penrith, Benin, a city center in the northern Kiev province.

In the affected areas, US citizens do not work, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the US Agency for International Development, are in the capital Kinshasa. In neighboring countries more officers are working. Whether to deploy people into the heart of explosives is a continuous debate in the state.

A fewBy the end of August, the Ebola expertise of the CDC was withdrawn after an attack An armed group According to a senior US Embassy official in Congo, a group of people traveled to Congo on a trip to the Congo on a road trip. No US government officials or other Ebola retaliations are in the immediate vicinity of that attack.

"Security of our employees is our priority," a state official explained. He spoke in an anonymity due to rules by the White House. The Washington security system is constantly being observed, but now, "It is very dangerous," he said.

This security problem is due to the 2012 attacks in Benghazi in Libya. US Ambassador and other three Americans have been killed, according to US authorities.

The administrator confirmed whether the CDC experts for the protection of US military should be sent. "I'm not going to rule or rule," he said. More than 11,000 people have been killed in the West African Ebola epidemic during the 2014-2016 season, according to US military officials.

Sidney Director Robert Redfield last week highlighted this possibility. The US authorities said the breakup could break out of the country. They state that the aim of the government is to stop the outbreak.

Ebola's response is the priority of the US government. "Said another joint session by Tim Syam Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a senior US office worker. The National Security Council led the Global Health Care. In May, however, it was abandoned by the National Security Adviser John Bolton after the World Health Safety Committee dismissed it.

One of the biggest issues in regulating any outbreaks, and in particular, the inability of those responding to Ebola patients to fully understand all the relationships. The disease spread without the ability to do that. Especially concern This outbreak There is no connection with 60% to 80% of cases in newly confirmed cases. It can not track traffic and exchange transmissions.

"It shows that your systems do not work, and you're failing to hand these arms into your hands," said CSIS Senior Vice President Jorge Gerard. Stephen Morrison said.

The disease will be about six months long at a news conference in the World Heath Organization for Human Resources Management CSCC, World Heath Organization. Uncontrolled medicines are run by uncontrolled and medicated unrestricted health clinics. Doctors said that the virus was spreading in Bibbit and that Elo 's discomfort could be due to Ebola.

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