Tuesday , March 21 2023

Ethiopia / Ghana: Black Stars Revive AFCON Hopes … Jordanian Brass Sinks Ethiopia


Ghana's Black Stars won the 2019 AFCON campaign and secured a quarterfinal victory over Ethiopia's Wellington 2-0 in the semifinals of Addis Ababa.

Robert Eve scored two goals in the Kenya team's Harita Bay Stars.

When Kenya was welcomed into Ghana in the final confrontation with the group members, the stars will be judged on March 22-24.

Anthra and Jordan were a big blow. In a situation where their return could not be ignored, some returned to the squad.

Waqas Mubarak, Afridi Aqua, Auswami Gian, Harrison Aflal, John Boye, Jonathan Mensha, Coach Quiz Appa, and so on.

After Kenya's disappointment, Stars repeated the third star in the third minute after Jordan Aceh.

Jordan managed to score a massive score despite a crossing from Jordan's middle-order against Ethiopian goalkeepers.

Guatemala hosted the competition at midfield where mid-field midfield star Atlético Madrid's Thomas Wakasco and Wakasao played at midfield. At times, however, the defeat of the Ethiopians in Guyana failed.

Emanuel Boutegen Athoyian goalkeeper Abel Momo was sentenced to 23 minutes in Ghana.

Monk was fortunate enough to get the referee to escape. The goal was to drive the ball to the left by the goalkeeper from Jordan.

The Ethiopians tried to play the game, and immediately threatened the fans, sparking the home team.

Beneyam Belay Demate and Myanlu Vondimu wasted great opportunities to play in that era.

They were playing in half. However, they failed to secure the defensive cameras.

Welingies returned to the stronger and more crucial team in the second session. Guyana retained the lead, retained the ball and took host to the county.

In the 59th minute, Afrey Akquaka replaced the party with 4th place.

However, after a strong performance appeal to neglect the referee in the 64th minute, Verizon arrived in her storied area.

A moment later, the stars had to depend on the goal-keeper in Richards Osoris.

The South African team goalkeeper took a big blow to an Omdo Oquary strike.

Quasi Afra introduced again Nana Aampoma and Jonan Mensa to strengthen the defense of the successive attacks on Ethiopians. However, depending on the whale, again, she had to rely on a sheet of sheets. In an awkward corner.

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