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Charles's princess is 70 years old


Wednesday, November 14 is a happy day for the British royal family. It's Prince of Wales's 70th birthday, with the family celebrating partly Video about Prince Charles. Many official royal family members attended the social media accounts on Wednesday. If you have not seen it yet, you have to take two and a half minutes of your day. Charles and Prince George can be seen as just the same.

There are several video clips of video and a photo of Lord Snowden, Anthony Armstrong-Jones, and former Princess Margaret's former husband. Elizabeth II began her birth in 1948 and carries her firstborn son. Actually, in the very first picture that Charles has shown with his mother, George Charles will see how much a child he is. The grandson and grandmother are not too weak, they are not exactly twins, but you can say that they are related.

In the video, a few photos of Charles shows him as a young man, George's grandfather, especially his eyes, will not deny. There is a similar smile similar to children without mentioning the same nose.

For comparison, look at the first slide in the video above. In October 2013, George will look at his photograph in this photograph. How do you see the similarity?

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You can really see the resemblance between grandfather and grandfather The most recent paintings of the royal family Charles' birthday on Tuesday

This is a beautiful family photograph that includes George Gandhi's presence on Charles Laptop.

Then even the British royal family does not take quite a whole photo, and has to laugh through family pictures. George looked very laughing. First, he is sweet. Secondly, his inner child Charles is displayed here.

It's just like his grandfather who's not the only thing George has. They seem to have a beautiful connection. Recently, Prince William was known as a grandfather. BBC In one documentary, Prince, Son & Higher: Charles 70, William's father,

"I'm interested in spending time with him, and it's nice that he can spend more time with his home and you know it, play with the grandchildren, and when he's there, he's wise, but we can have as much as we can."

George was born in July, and the trees planted trees for Birjal for George. On the same documentary that celebrated his 70th birthday, Charles said: "This is the tree of George, I want a long time to be old, George, and they are very interesting when they grow up and he grows up."

The grandson and grandmother share much more than it certainly looks, how much George looks like a young man.

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